Oddessy 2

A girl stands in front of a bathroom mirror, primping … but she is standing on a man, who groans but makes no complaint. She offers him her foot to suck, and he does so eagerly. Later, out in a room that appears to be a den, she now has shoes on and tramples him with them. She gets dressed while standing on the man, who is again groaning but in no way protesting, and she bounces around on him a little. After the shoot for this film was over, the actor was observed licking the actress’s shoe some more. Must be REALLY into it.

Best of trample 6-4

A brunette not only tramples a man but kicks his cock and his face. She can be one mean-assed Dominatrix when she wants to be — but the man doesn’t seem to be complaining. She bounces on him and generally proves her superiority over him. For male enthusiasts of trampling,, the enjoyment may come either from a foot fetish, or from a desire for a form of submission, or from a combination of the two. This dude would seem to be in the “combination” category, enjoying both his subjugation and the time he spends intimately involved with the FemDom’s feet.

Best of Trample 2-2

Three FemDoms and a VERY trampled male. The three Dominatrices, wearing high heels and carrying whips, take on one subservient male, whom they stand on, kick, kick the cock of … and naturally they use those whips they’re carrying, too. The man, leashed and collared, must bear up under serious verbal abuse and humiliation by the three Dominatrices, who take turns standing on him or all three get on him at once. One FemDom enlists the aid of the other two in standing on the man’s face. With one girl on either side of her, steadying her balance, the blonde stands heavily on the humiliated dude’s face

To Serve Women 1

A blonde goddess with suntanned legs bounces lightly on the oversized, hairy belly of a bearded dude. She is wearing strappy high-heeled shoes, and those heels must dig in terribly with every bounce she takes. But he never complains as she stands and then bounces atop him. The blonde walks around on the bearded dude’s big belly and gives him her feet to suck on, then steps on the side of his face. He is impassive and complacent but very obedient as the blonde has her way with his face and his belly … and we should add that she does have pretty feet, indeed.

Best of Trample 5-3

Two girls, one dressed, one half-dressed, stand on a submissive male so that he has to put up with the weight of both at once. One of the two (the dressed one) mainly stands still, but the half-dressed blonde is nearer his head and steps on his face, “toes” his lips, tells him to kiss her toes, and bounces on him a little. The cameraman gets a bit artsy-fartsy with tilting the camera so the whole scene is on a needless slant What’s the point? We’re here to see trampling, and we do. Tilted cameras don’t distract but don’t add to the impact either.

Best of Trample 3-1

A dark-haired Mistress in pointy-toed black heels bounces up and down on the chest of her victim. She proffers him her filthy shoe bottoms to lick clean, then removes her shoes, bounces on him some more, and gives him her bare foot to lick ad suck on. She mashes down on his face with her bare foot. He does a LOT of groaning, but we notice he makes no attempt to dislodge her from him. Now naked (and still barefoot), the Misstress jumps up and down on her victim some more and gives him her bare foot to suck on again.

Best of Trample 3-5

The impact of the honey blonde’s platform shoes with spike heels adds to the impact of her weight as she walks across the chest of a man. Though her submissive tells Mistress that he enjoys what she’s doing, he sure groans awfully loudly with each step she takes. But despite his grimaces and groas, she continues to trample him with her high heels. Mistress, now barefoot, jumps up and down repeatedly on the submissive’s chest and offers him her dirty feet and toes to to lick clean and suck on. We see some great viewpoint shots from the submissive’s point of view as wll as more usual camera angles

Footslave Prophecies 1-1

What pretty blue heels the woman is wearing! But they must be dirty — she’s asked her submissive to lick them clean. Then, as she tromps on him barefoot, he grimaces. But you know that’s not putting her off or stopping her! “Does it hurt?” asks the blonde in the blue and acrylic platform heels as she tromps all over her victim. His groaned response sounds like a “Yes!” but she continues stepping all over him. Later she asks, “Are you complaining?” He probably is, but she keeps right on walking on him, first shod and then barefoot. His facial expression also conveys pain … but she doesn’t seem to care a whit. Our blonde Mistress du jour feeds her foot to her slave to lick clean. Then she steps all over him. Then she feeds him her foot again. He groans and gripes, but to no avail. When a Mistress wants to trample a slave or have him clean her feet, there’s nothing for it but to do as she wants … or else!

Besst of Trample 4-6

While wearing acrylic platform heels, a woman heavily, seriously tramples a skinny guy. Then, barefoot, she jumps on him “Lick the bottom of my foot,” the suntanned brunette wearing denim cut-offs tells the lean man she’s trampling barefoot. He lies there looking perfectly willing, even if not eager, to have her weight bearing down on him And, when he does lick her foot, she instructs him, “Now the other one.” Later — after she jumps on him a few times — she asks, “You like that, don’t you?” and he admits, “Yeah.” One more inductee to the world of trampling.

Trample Factory 2

It’s all about trampling as a blonde, a brunette, and a brownette trample two different men, which they do both with shoes on and barefooted, jumping on one man’s stomach, and giving him their feet to lick. Later, a brunette tramples two men. “Does it hurt?” she asks one of them. “In a good way,” he replies. She talks to them about trampling. One man admits that his wife once trampled him till she caught on that he was enjoying it. That was the start of his predilection for being trampled. At the end of the convo, the brunette slaps both men.